Fully Customized Hand Drawn Vehicle Designs!!!

Minimum order for RaceWear is 250 pieces for an initial order.
Your car does not need to be complete to place an order.

Art, Design & Set-up Charges

These charges apply to the initial order only. There are NO set up charges on re-orders!!

Type A Full Size 1 Sided - Non Vehicle Logo Design  (for 2 sided double the price)
 $ 75.00
Type B Left Chest & Full Back - Non Vehicle Design
Type C Jumbo Vehicle Design Full Front or Full Back
Type D Jumbo Vehicle Design Full Front - Team Name, Number, Logo Back Design
Type E Jumbo Vehicle Design Full Front and Full Back (2 designs - 1 view each side)

Design Sizes

Adult sizes thru youth large (14-16) - 15.5 " wide x 17.5 " tall. 
Adult sizes thru youth medium (10-12) - 12" wide x 14" tall.

For each additional view of a vehicle, hauler, or driver profile added to a vehicle design
add $100.00 per vehicle/per side.

If the vehicle is not a Late Model, Modified, Sprint or Street Stock,
there may be an additional art charge.

We create a unique new design & concept for every order
and never use stock designs, concepts or layouts.
Our customers deserve their own unique design!

Garment & Printing Charges

Total Order Quantity
Pieces *
1 Sided Print -
   $7.00 *
2 Sided Print -
   $8.50 *
1 Sided Print -
  $14.00 *
2 Sided Print -
   $15.50 *

This pricing includes up to 8 color printing on a White Super Weight 6.1 oz.100% T-Shirt
or a White Super Cotton 90/10 Heavyweight 9 oz. Sweatshirt - sizes Youth Large (t's only) to
Adult X-Large. Many other garments & styles are available - please inquire!

* Non Vehicle Designs Only
** Reorder minimums start at 200 pieces discounted to the 250 piece pricing. **   

Youth versions of the adult artwork
Minimum of 75 pieces for a 1 sided print @ $7.00 ea.
or 150 pieces for a 2 sided print @ $7.25 ea.

Art & Film Reduction
$50 for 1 sided and $75 for 2 sided designs.
One design on both sides @ $8.00 with a 75 Piece minimum order.

If camera ready logos are not provided there may be an additional art charge to recreate them
and may extend the due date.

Additional Items

Ash shirts add $.65 each; Colored shirts add $1.50 to the above pricing
and an additional $100 in art charges.

Larger Sizes - For 2XL add $1.00 for t-shirts and $2.00 for Sweatshirts.
For 3XL add $2.50 and $3.50 respectively.
For 4XL add $3.50 per t-shirt and $5.00 per sweatshirt.

Long sleeve t-shirts add $3.00 per shirt.
Hooded Sweatshirts with side pockets add $6 to above sweatshirt pricing.

Sleeve Prints - Add $.50 for a one color print on one sleeve.
$1.00 for a two color print on one sleeve.

Pocket t-shirts add $1.00 per shirt.
Keep in mind the design may need to change to accommodate the pocket
and may have additional art & set-up charges, as well as a minimum order.

Tank tops are the same price as t's. We need to print the tanks lower to fit the print on the shirt,
and may require a smaller print size or use Adult Large as the smallest shirt size.

Many other garments available upon request.

Ordering Procedures
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