Vehicle Designs - With No Art Or Setup Charges!

With SpeedWear you choose a car design from our stock concepts and we customize it
with your type of vehicle, your name, your vehicle colors and your number.
A second side print is also included at NO additional charge.

These are the total charges per shirt for this package, excluding shipping.

75-100 Pieces - 4 color vehicle design / 2 color 2nd side design
150 - 200 Pieces 6 color vehicle / 3 color 2nd side


75 Pieces**
100 Pieces
150 Pieces
200 Pieces
White 100% T
Ash T
Darks 100% T

We use super weight 100% t-shirts unless the customer specifies otherwise. 
T-Shirts and sweatshirts may be combine to achieve the minimums, but must be the same garment color.
For heavyweight 9oz. sweatshirts add $7.00 to the above pricing.

** Orders of  75  Pieces NOT available between March 1 and July 1 **

** Reorder minimums start at 75 pieces for 4 Color Car Designs
and 150 pieces for 6 Color Car Designs. **

* The above pricing is valid ONLY on standard-style vehicles such as Late Models, DIRT or UMP * Modified's or Sprints.  For other "non standard" vehicle styles there may be an art fee.


Larger Sizes - For 2XL add $1.00 per t-shirt and $2.00 per Sweatshirt.
For 3XL add $2.50 and $3.50 respectively.
For 4XL add $3.50 per t-shirt and $5.00 per sweatshirt.

Pocket t-shirts add $1.00 per shirt.
Keep in mind the design may need to change to accommodate the pocket and
                      may have additional art & set-up charges, as well as a minimum order.

Long sleeve t-shirts add $3.00 per shirt.
Hooded Sweatshirts with side pockets add $6 to above sweatshirt pricing.

Tank tops are the same price as t's.
We need to print the tanks lower to fit the print on the shirt, therefore, tanks may require
a smaller print size, or use Adult Large as the smallest shirt size.

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